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Compare the pros and cons of the home you're interested in by filling out the following questionnaire. Our company provides you with resources that will help you to make informed decisions.

About the neighbourhood
Yes No Do the area and the surroundings fit what I'm looking for?
Yes No Is it close to where I work?
Yes No Is the home located close to important places? (schools, markets, shopping centres, etc.)
Yes No Is it a good location?
Yes No Do I like the building?
Yes No Are the building's common areas nice?
Yes No Do I like the neighbourhood?
About the home
Yes No Does it meet my space necessities? (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, etc.)
Yes No Do I like the layout?
Yes No Do I like its brightness?
Yes No Is the sound level OK?
Yes No Do I like the condition it is in?
Yes No Do I like the level it is on?
Yes No Does it meet my expectations?
About the price
Yes No Is the price justified by the quality of the home?
Yes No Is it a good investment for the future?
Yes No Am I happy with the payment method?
Yes No Can I afford it?
About the impression it left on me
Yes No Did I feel like this is 'my home' during the tour?
Yes No Can I see myself living here?
Yes No Can I imagine my belongings in this home?
Yes No Can I image my friends and family here?
About my decision
Yes No Did I see any better deals? (in terms of quality-price)
Yes No Would it be easy to find a better deal?
Yes No Are there other similar sale offers?
Yes No Is it worth it to risk losing it?
Yes No If I don't get it will it be easy to find another similar offer?